Are storage units safe?

wppros | 02nd Dec 2021

They’re incredibly safe! Masons Self Storage facility has a state-of-the-art security system! Access to Masons Self Storage outside of office hours requires a PIN code. All storage units are individually alarmed, which means when a door isn’t de-activated it sends a call to our monitoring team who will then call us to check out the

What to do if I lose access to my storage unit?

wppros | 02nd Dec 2021

If you lose access to your storage unit, you will be required to visit our team onsite so that we can run through the safety checks and to check your photo ID on file. Once this is done, we can then issue you a new code and remove the padlock for you to gain access.

Do storage units have cameras?

wppros | 02nd Dec 2021

There aren’t security cameras in each individual storage unit, however we do have around 120+ cameras across the whole Masons Self Storage site and car park.

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