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Whether you’re looking to move some things into storage or organising a home move, our range of packing materials will make it so much easier for you. Once you’ve decided on the boxes and accessories that you need, why not take advantage of our collection or delivery service?

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  • Make moving house or putting items into storage that much easier with these colour coded moving stickers, allowing you to quickly identity which boxes are for which room. There are 10 moving stickers per room including: living room, dining room, kitchen, utility room, bathroom, cellar, loft and garage. This handy pack also includes fragile stickers!


  • This Self Pak tape dispenser conveniently comes with a roll of high quality moving tape and is the fast, effective and convenient way to seal a box. Measuring 50mm x 6 mm this tape measure gun comes with a handy handle with a solid grip to help you close boxes in one quick motion.

  • Make sure that your belongings are safely protected whilst in storage as well as transit by wrapping them securely in heavy duty packing paper before packing them away. This pack contains 200 sheets (5kg) of high quality white packing paper, why not pair with our extra strong double walled large moving boxes to keep your items extra secure?

  • Seal your completed boxes with this roll of extra strong packing tape measuring 50mm by 6m. Ensure your boxes are safely sealed with this extra heavy duty packing tape, a must have for any moving or storage job. Combine with our extra strong moving boxes and keep your items safe and secure whilst in storage.


  • Whether you’re moving house or putting some old items into storage, clearly identify boxes and their contents with this black permanent marker. With a large nib, the ink won’t bleed into the cardboard, ensuring that you’ll be able to quick and easily locate your boxes at one glance.

  • Protect your furniture and keep drawers and doors safely closed and in place whilst in transit or storage with this roll of high quality removal webbing. This tightly woven polyester webbing is as strong as rope and is perfect for safely moving your furniture. This roll of webbing measures 44mm x 20m and is made from polyester

  • This utility knife with a retractable cutting blade has an easy grip handle offering perfect security and a clean cut. The blade is retractable offering variable cutting depth and a must have accessory for all moving and storage job requirements. When not in use, the blade has a protective cover to protect it’s surroundings from the blade.

  • This Self Pak black permanent marker is a high quality pen which can write across all types of material. If you’re having a clear out or putting items into storage, clearly identity boxes and their contents by writing on them clearly in bold, black ink.

  • These Self Pak 8” stainless steel sharp scissors are an essential accessory for all of your packing and storing requirements. At a great and convenient size, they are handy to keep in the kitchen draw or to be carried around in any utility tool box.

  • This roll of high quality shrink wrap is perfect for binding loose product to a palletised load. Measuring 400mm x 300m, this roll of clear, protective shrink wrap will keep your items safe and sound whilst in transit as well as storage.

  • This Self Pak laminated steel padlock is ultra secure, providing extra security – a must have security essential for protecting your belongings. Complete with two keys, this laminated steel padlock is perfect for gates, garages and lock-ups and will not become damaged when used outside due to it’s laminated outer layer.

  • Portable wardrobes, also known as wardrobe boxes, are a fantastic way to hang, transport and store your clothes safely and crease-free. These wardrobe cartons are 20” x 18” x 49” and include a sturdy clothes rail to hang your clothes on. Simply move your clothes from your wardrobe to this handy portable wardrobe and have your clothes looking as fresh as ever when you un-pack the box!

    This double walled wardrobe box is purpose built to keep your clothes safe, it’s extra secure and will keep your clothes protected whilst in transit as well as storage as well as conveniently and compactly saving space.

Showing 13–24 of 25 results

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