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Keep your items safely packed away with our range of high quality double walled moving boxes. From archive boxes for all your document storage needs to portable wardrobes where you can keep your clothes crease-free whilst in storage, our range of cardboard boxes are perfect for your every packing need.

Whether you’re looking to move some things into storage or organising a home move, our range of packing materials will make it so much easier for you. Once you’ve decided on the boxes and accessories that you need, why not take advantage of our collection or delivery service?

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  • Archive boxes are perfect for keeping your paperwork safe and organised, whether you need to store your paperwork for personal or business use such as documentation, case files, tax returns or personal filing, this archive box will keep your paperwork safe whilst in storage.

    This archive box is A4 sized (17” x 14” x 11.5”) and can be assembled quickly and instantly ready for use. Complete with a fitted lid to close the box meaning you can easily stack a few archive boxes at a time to save on space! The archive box is white and grey to allow you to easily label your boxes making identification at a single glance easy.

  • Large moving boxes are perfect for moving several items at once, this cardboard box is double walled and extra heavy duty making it perfect for carrying china and fragile items and keeping them safe whilst in transit or storage. Seal with our fragile tape to help easily identity boxes with fragile contents! It can be quickly assembled and instantly ready.

    This large box is 18” x 18” x 20” and will safely pack and carry your larger and bulkier items such as kitchenware and books, as well as those lighter and bulkier items such as duvets, beddings, curtains and cushions. Large moving boxes make moving and storing that much easier as they can hold more and stack easily to save on space!

  • Medium moving boxes are perfect for packing those smaller, slightly heavier and compact items all at once. This medium box is double walled and will keep its contents safe and protected whilst in transit and storage. If you have lots of books, DVDs, CDs to pack, our medium boxes will keep them safe. Seal with our extra strong packing tape to add that extra security to your box!

    This medium moving and packing box is 18” x 14” x 14” and will easily and conveniently stack in a pile allowing you to save on space both in storage and in transit.

  • Portable wardrobes, also known as wardrobe boxes, are a fantastic way to hang, transport and store your clothes safely and crease-free. These wardrobe cartons are 20” x 18” x 49” and include a sturdy clothes rail to hang your clothes on. Simply move your clothes from your wardrobe to this handy portable wardrobe and have your clothes looking as fresh as ever when you un-pack the box!

    This double walled wardrobe box is purpose built to keep your clothes safe, it’s extra secure and will keep your clothes protected whilst in transit as well as storage as well as conveniently and compactly saving space.

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