Self Storage in South Wales – The Classic Storage Solution

Classic Self Storage is the term we give at Masons Self Storage to the now familiar do-it-yourself storage space that we offer members of the public and businesses. It’s essentially your own secure storage space away from home or business.

There are many reasons for using Self Storage facilities and we have listed our top ten below. Whatever your reason for requiring more storage space Masons Self Storage bring you the ideal storage solution. With over 24 years of experience in Self Storage Masons pride themselves on their track record of providing home owners, students, businesses and the public in general, throughout South Wales, with secure and flexible storage solutions.

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Step 1 of 2 - Storage Requirements

Step 1 – Drive In

Gather your belongings and bring them along to our secure storage centre, you can drive straight in.

Step 2 – Load Up

We’ll provide you with your own security room ready to store your belongings safely for the duration of your stay.

Step 3 – Lock Away

Once your belongings are locked away safely you can access your self storage room as often as you wish.

Self Storage in Cardiff, South Wales

10 Reasons for using Self Storage

Whether for domestic or commercial use, there are many reasons for using self storage, here are our top ten for starters:

  1. Moving house and you need to temporarily store furniture
  2. Renovating your home and you need to keep household possessions protected
  3. Relocating abroad and you want to store your valuables during the move
  4. Travelling and you need somewhere to put your belongings while you are away
  5. Your hobby or favourite sport is taking over the house
  6. When you just don’t have enough space at home anymore

And Businesses use self storage for lots of different reasons too:

  1. Archives, files  and office furniture
  2. Storing Stock
  3. Trade supplies and equipment
  4. Exhibition and event equipment