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Whether you’re looking to move some things into storage or organising a home move, our range of packing materials will make it so much easier for you. Once you’ve decided on the boxes and accessories that you need, why not take advantage of our collection or delivery service?

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  • Archive boxes are perfect for keeping your paperwork safe and organised, whether you need to store your paperwork for personal or business use such as documentation, case files, tax returns or personal filing, this archive box will keep your paperwork safe whilst in storage.

    This archive box is A4 sized (17” x 14” x 11.5”) and can be assembled quickly and instantly ready for use. Complete with a fitted lid to close the box meaning you can easily stack a few archive boxes at a time to save on space! The archive box is white and grey to allow you to easily label your boxes making identification at a single glance easy.

  • Keep your armchair safe from dust, dirt and damp with this pack of two high quality polythene armchair covers. Whether you’re looking for that extra peace of mind whilst your armchair is in storage or in transit, these clear armchair covers will ensure that your armchair is as clean when it comes out of storage as when it went in!

  • This premium Self Pak brass padlock is ultra secure, providing maximum security and peace of mind that your belongings are safely locked inside – a must have security accessory. This brass padlock comes complete with a set of two keys. At 50mm in size, it is perfect for when you need a small but incredibly sturdy solution.

  • Keep your items safely packed away with this roll of bubble wrap to protect them from bumps, scratches and dust whilst in transit and in storage. With two sized rolls to choose from: 750mm x 25m bubble wrap for your larger general items or an essential 500mm x 100m roll of bubble wrap to pack your fragile items. Ensure your items safety with our extra durable bubble wrap!

  • Protect your furniture and household items whilst in transit and in storage with this heavy duty plastic dust cover and keep your furniture dust and mark free! This polythene dust cover is perfect for protecting larger household items and easily folding away for storage when not in use.

  • Moving house or having a de-clutter and need to move some items into storage? Label your boxes with this pack of 25 fragile stickers and make identifying those items which need that extra protection and care when moving house or being stored easier.

  • A roll of extra strong fragile tape measuring 50mm by 66m. This fragile tape is perfect for sealing your completed boxes with contents that need to be quickly identified and highlighted as fragile whilst in storage or transit. Make sure your breakables are kept safe and seal them with this fragile tape.

  • Large moving boxes are perfect for moving several items at once, this cardboard box is double walled and extra heavy duty making it perfect for carrying china and fragile items and keeping them safe whilst in transit or storage. Seal with our fragile tape to help easily identity boxes with fragile contents! It can be quickly assembled and instantly ready.

    This large box is 18” x 18” x 20” and will safely pack and carry your larger and bulkier items such as kitchenware and books, as well as those lighter and bulkier items such as duvets, beddings, curtains and cushions. Large moving boxes make moving and storing that much easier as they can hold more and stack easily to save on space!

  • This pack of two clear large sofa covers made from high quality polythene are perfect for keeping your sofa free from dust, dirt and damp whilst in transit or in storage. These large sofa covers are perfect for the average sized 2-3 seater sofa and will ensure your sofa is clean and fresh when you’re ready to take it out of storage!

  • Protect your mattress whilst in transit and storage with this high quality clear polythene mattress protector. Choose your mattress protector in one of two sizes and ensure that your mattress stays free from dirt, dust and damp whilst not in use and keep it fresh and clean, ready for when you need it again!

  • Medium moving boxes are perfect for packing those smaller, slightly heavier and compact items all at once. This medium box is double walled and will keep its contents safe and protected whilst in transit and storage. If you have lots of books, DVDs, CDs to pack, our medium boxes will keep them safe. Seal with our extra strong packing tape to add that extra security to your box!

    This medium moving and packing box is 18” x 14” x 14” and will easily and conveniently stack in a pile allowing you to save on space both in storage and in transit.

  • Give your fragile items that extra bit of security with this ultra thick mixed wool moving blanket. If you’re worried about some of your more fragile or delicate items, simply wrap items such as artwork and mirrors in this thick removal blanket to protect them from getting marked, dusty or damaged whilst in transit or in storage.

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