What businesses can operate from a self-storage unit?

Posted on: Tue Feb 13

business storage units

Whether you’ve just set up your business and you’re looking for a place to store additional stock or you’re a tradesperson with tools that might be dangerous in the wrong hands at home, business storage units at Masons Self Storage could be perfect for you! 

We have a range of business customers here at Masons Self Storage that have a number of reasons for choosing to store with us, from Twenty12 Flooring who began their business at their kitchen table until it began to take over their house and now have a showroom onsite with us to Barrybados who had been using their spare room for stock until they had a baby and needed the room back. 

Flexible self-storage is the perfect solution for many businesses whose sales might fluctuate throughout the year or enjoy the ability to scale up and down their storage unit based on their business. Plus, with rolling contracts where you need to only give 14 days’ notice of termination, it really can be the perfect solution. 

Businesses that could work from a storage unit

Whether you’re looking for inspiration to start your own business with relatively low start-up costs or you already have a business that needs a bit more space, take a look at our list of businesses that could work from a storage unit. 

eBay and Amazon sellers 

As long as you don’t sell prohibited items, you can store all of your additional stock in your storage unit until you’re ready to pack it up and send it to your customers. 

Etsy Seller

If your hobby or craft interest has started to attract lots of attention and you’re ready to launch a business from it, a storage unit will offer you the space to store your equipment and stock.

Vintage Sellers

If you frequently sell at markets, auctions or car boot sales, keep your stock in your storage unit rather than trying to find space for it at home. 


Store any additional donated stock that will be sold in your shops in storage and free up much-needed space in the individual shops. 

Sports Clubs or Local Teams

Barry Town Pan Disability Football Club are one of the best Pan-Disability Football Clubs in the whole of Wales and they store their kit and training equipment with us here at Masons. Neil from the Barry Town Pan Disability Football Team shares his experience with Masons Self Storage: “In search of a storage unit for our football kit, we were impressed by the personalized tour provided by the staff, who catered to our specific needs. The affordability and proximity to our location were major factors, along with the convenience of 24/7 access. The facility’s cleanliness and security reassured us, and the staff guided us through the process seamlessly, ensuring we felt confident using the facility. It’s been a hassle-free experience, and the helpful staff are always on hand if we encounter any issues.”

Catalogue Sellers

Whether you sell beauty products or Tupperware, keep your samples and deliveries safe in a storage unit. Plus, if you let our team know that you’re expecting a delivery, they can sign for it for you and keep it safe until you’re ready to collect it.

Heating Engineers

Keep your spare parts and tools somewhere easily accessible with a storage unit and free up space in your van or at home, here at Masons, you can access your storage unit 24/7, 365 days a year. 


If you organise events in Cardiff or across the whole of the UK, why not keep all of your banners and equipment in one place and safely stored away? Free up space at home or in your office, whilst also making sure nothing gets damaged or dirty!

Market Traders

Keep your stock safe and everything you need for a market or fair in one place. Simply pick it up and drop it back off after each market! 

What do I need to run a business from a storage unit?There’s a few things that you might need to set up your storage unit to make it most effective for your business: 

  • Depending on how much you’re planning on storing and the size of the unit, you might have some room for shelving and even some basic furniture. 
  • Keep your stock or items safe and well protected with our range of packaging materials. Take a look in our Packaging Supplies Shop here
  • If you need to keep in touch with your team whilst visiting us at Masons Self Storage, you can take advantage of our free WiFi for Business Customers. 
  • Our units are not fitted with plugs or electricity sockets, so make sure your items are fully charged.


Restaurants, in particular, benefit from bulk purchasing to cut expenses. Self-storage caters to this need, providing a dedicated space for excess inventory like dry goods, kitchen equipment, and non-perishables. Seasonal fluctuations demand flexible storage options, allowing eateries to stow away items like patio furniture, heaters, and festive decor during off-peak periods, optimizing restaurant space.

Greg, from One O’clock Gate, an Asian-fusion eatery in Dinas Powys, attests to the benefits: “Self-storage is integral to our daily operations. Hosting events necessitates additional furniture, kitchen gear, and audio equipment, all easily accessible from our storage units. Adapting our menu to seasonal produce means regularly rotating catering equipment, a breeze with self-storage. Plus, having backup kitchen gear on hand in emergencies offers peace of mind.” Greg emphasises the cost-saving advantages: “Accessible storage lets us seize opportunities for equipment purchases without resorting to pricey short-term rentals. In the long run, it’s a smart investment.”

Looking for a place to Work, Rest and Store?

Here at Masons Self Storage, we have a dedicated Business Zone across our entire ground floor, complete with wider corridors perfect for pallet deliveries. Whilst our Business Lounge offers a flexible working area where you connect to our free Wi-Fi, utilise charging stations, work remotely and enjoy a range of refreshments. 

If you’re looking for a bit more space for your business or a place to store your additional stock contact us today for your flexible solution to self-storage!

Posted on: 13th Feb 2024