11 easy ways to be more eco-friendly at home

Posted on: Mon Oct 18

easy way to be eco friendly

Did you know that it takes about 10 minutes for an average person to make a difference in reducing their environmental impact? Isn’t that amazing? By making small changes, we can all help be more eco-friendly at home. 

Here at Masons Self Storage, we’re incredibly conscious of the impact that our business has on the environment, and we try to reduce, recycle, and reuse where possible. Plus, we try to do our bit at home too to make sure that we have a world for future generations to enjoy! We asked around our team for their top tips for easy ways to be more eco-friendly at home, below is our team’s top small ways to be more environmentally conscious at home. 

Be mindful of what you put down the drain

Whether it’s turning off the tap whilst you brush your teeth or choosing to have a shower instead of a bath, both will help reduce the amount of water you use. Similarly, try not to pour anything down that might block your drains or pipes. In fact, did you know that often white vinegar or baking soda are just as effective as some harsh cleaning chemicals? 

Drive less and opt for public transport, bikes, or walking

Not only will this one benefit you and your health, but it will also reduce carbon emissions! Did you know that walking is about 12 times better for the climate than driving a car? In fact, a car has to drive the equivalent of about 220 miles before it matches the environmental impact of shoe leather.

Plus, whilst you’re out walking, you can get to experience the amazing range of walking trails that the Vale has to offer! Take a look at some of our favourite walking trails here. 

Securely shred your documents instead of throwing them away

It can seem like a hassle to properly get rid of documents that might have personal or confidential information on, like utility bills and bank statements, but did you know it’s better for the environment to properly shred your documents than to just throw them out with your rubbish? 

Plus, using Simply Shredding Cardiff, you don’t need to travel further than your doorstep and you can be sure that your documents will be securely shredded and then recycled! And Simply Shredding has planted over 750 trees! Find out more about Simply Shredding Cardiff here

Turn off your lights when you’re not using them

This is one of the easiest things to do that can save a lot of energy (and money!) in the long-term, as turning on unnecessary lights at night increases electricity demand and costs. Make sure you turn all your appliances off too if they are plugged in.

Recycle and compost as much as possible 

We’re lucky that here in the Vale, we have a comprehensive recycling service! Take a look at the Vale Recycling Services website if you’re unsure what you can and can’t recycle

Buy products locally

This will reduce the amount of energy and transport that your items need for delivery, but it will also help support local businesses! We have a range of fantastic local, independent shops across the Vale, we love to support our local community. 

Buy products with minimal packaging

This is especially important for food, as the plastic packaging often ends up in landfill.

Reusable shopping bags

When you go to the supermarket, don’t forget to take your own reusable bags! 

Use a thermos cup for hot drinks

This will save on the number of disposable cups you use. And it’s so easy to rinse out your thermos in the morning, either at home or with hot water provided by most cafes.

Drink tap water instead of bottled water

A lot of the plastic water bottles end up in landfill, so choose tap water instead when you can. If you don’t like the taste of tap water, you can use a water filter jug to make it taste better!

Reduce, Recycle, Reuse 

It can be tempting to just buy things new, but do you have anything at home that you could freshen up? Or could you look on online marketplaces like eBay, Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree before you buy anything new? 

Similarly, before you throw anything away, could you sell or donate it? If you’ve been thinking of having a clear out, take a look at our top tips from Marie Kondo for finding more joy in your belongings. Plus, don’t forget, if you need more space at home but you’re not ready to sell/donate anything just yet, here at Masons Self Storage, we’re just a ten-minute drive from Cardiff Bay and offer flexible contracts! 

Do you have any tips for being more eco-conscious at home? Let us know in the comments on Facebook! 

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Posted on: 18th Oct 2021