Mason’s Top Tips for Packing for Your Summer Holiday!

Posted on: Fri Aug 4

Summer is well underway, so here at Masons, the experts in packing and packing supplies, we thought we would turn our hand to a different type of packing and bring you some tips of our own on how to pack for that last minute summer holiday. Whether you’re packing for a solo adventure or a beach holiday for all the family, read our top tips below to avoid airport fees, creased clothes and to ensure packing is as easy as lounging by the pool.

  1. Make a list

This helps you decide what to take, it also helps you to remember what to bring home! Making a list also means you avoid bringing 4 pairs of shorts and then only wearing one pair all holiday, saving you space for all of those souvenirs you’ll be bringing home!

2. Pack light

Whilst it can be tempting to buy a hard-case suitcase, did you know they can add almost 4kg of weight! Save money and avoid fees at the airport by buying a lightweight suitcase. Plus, add something to your suitcase to make it stand out and avoid the navigation of black suitcases going round the carousel once you reach the airport at the other end.

3. Pack shoes at the bottom of your suitcase

Packing your shoes at the bottom of your suitcase near the wheels helps you to more evenly distribute the weight of your suitcase. You can also wrap your shoes in plastic carrier bags to save your shoes potentially leaving marks on your clothes. Plus save space by tucking your socks into your shoes!

4. Roll your clothes

Rolling your clothes not only saves you space, but it also prevents creases. Tuck underwear into the corners of your suitcase and take advantage of valuable space.

5. Keep your clothes feeling and smelling fresh

Take some fabric conditioner sheets or scented drawer liners and pack them in-between the layers of your clothes and keep your clothes feeling and fresh.

6. Avoid leaky toiletries

We’ve all reached our destination, opened our suitcase and discovered that our shampoo has leaked and now there’s a mess everywhere. However you can avoid this in two ways: you can either buy all of your toiletries once you reach your destination (saving the weight in your suitcase too!). Or, you can take off the lids of your toiletries and place a small amount of clingfilm over the hole and replace the lid, creating a seal. For extra security, you can wrap some tape around the neck of the bottle.

7. Just in case

Sometimes no matter how well you decorate your suitcase to be able to identify it at the other end, sometimes the worst can happen and your suitcase gets mislaid. Prepare for this by packing all of your valuables into your hand luggage along with a change of clothes so you’re not too stuck if the worst should happen.

8. When packing, ask yourself if you really need it?

We all make the mistake of taking way too much on holiday for just in case scenarios but often we take too much on holiday. With the use of your list, decide what clothes and shoes you’ll need for the different occasions you’ll face on holiday. If you’re going on a beach holiday, you don’t need those three pairs of jeans…

9. Be prepared

Avoid adding extra weight to your luggage by photocopying pages you need instead of bringing a whole heavy guidebook. Or buy an e-reader and download the book! Plus, by using an e-reader, you can download all of the poolside reading you could ever need and save the space!

10. Weigh your luggage before you go

Invest in a set of luggage scales and weigh your luggage at home before you go, this way if you’re over your luggage allowance you can fix it at home instead of struggling at the airport to re-organise your suitcases or having to pay excess fees.

Now you’re all packed, sit back and relax!

Posted on: 04th Aug 2017