Our top 5 home improvement projects this autumn

Posted on: Mon Nov 12

Autumn is the perfect time to tackle that home improvement project you’ve been thinking about and get it done in time for Christmas. If you’ve been thinking about refurbishing the bathroom or kitting out the kitchen, autumn is a great time to get that project underway. From brightening up the paint in the living room to turning the spare room into a study, getting it done for Christmas and starting the new year with a lovely new space makes autumn the perfect time for a home improvement project.

If you’re having friends and family over during the holiday season or will be hosting your own Christmas, autumn is the perfect time to get organised. Plus, if you’re looking for new furniture, whether you’re going to need a bigger dining table or a new sofa for all of your guests, many stores are promising delivery before Christmas if you get in quick!

Now that the kids are back at school and winter is drawing closer, take a look below at our top 5 home improvement projects that will give your home a boost this autumn.

  1. Pick up the Paintbrush

Whether you’ve been hankering for the chance to brighten up the bathroom, give the kids room a new colour or setting the scene for Christmas lunch, a lick of new paint can change the entire feel of a room. If you’re feeling extra creative, consider a statement wall which will give the room a central focus point.

Plus, with so many colours and ranges of paint that are more affordable than ever, why settle for magnolia, when you could have mulberry burst or morning light?

  1. Get Cosy

It doesn’t seem that long ago that summer was here, and we were enjoying the longest heatwave in years, however, soon the nights will start to draw in earlier and turn colder. There’s plenty of ways to warm up a room, adding throws and blankets to the living room brings a multitude of layers and textures to the room; as well as being perfect for pulling around you when you settle down to watch a film!

Add some soft velvet cushions for that extra touch of decadence mixed with cosiness!

  1. Get Crafty

If you have pieces of furniture that are starting to look a little bit tired, a little bit of up-cycling can work wonders. There’s plenty of DIY upcycling videos online that can take that side table and make it a spectacular table! Something as simple as giving the storage unit usually hidden in the corner, a new lease of life with a new colour paint and maybe new handles can really lift a room that you feel has gotten a bit worn out.

If you’re looking to boost a room or a space but don’t necessarily have the budget to undertake a full make over, it’s amazing what simply changing the handles on your kitchen cabinets or a new light fitting can do to lift a room!


  1. The perfect entrance

Make an unforgettable first impression by sprucing up your entrance-way! There are a few quick ways to make an entrance: touch up the paint of your front door, add some plants or greenery or play with the pathway with pebbles or new tiles. If you’ve been thinking about replacing the front door, this is the best time, ensuring a perfect fit for winter and eliminating any droughts or energy leaks, as well as giving your home some serious kerb appeal!




  1. Ditch the Clutter

Whether it’s all about having a sort out, packing away summer clothing to make space for your thick jumpers & winter clothes and bringing out extra throws and blankets to create a cosy space in the living room. It gives you the chance to clear out some of the clutter you’ve accumulated over the summer, whilst also preparing for the colder weather and shorter days.


Plus, now the kids are back at school after the long summer holidays, it can be a great time to get into their rooms and have a sort through clothes and toys in preparation for Christmas. If they’re a little bit older, why not include them and get them involved with keeping their space tidy?


Here at Masons Self Storage, we know that although you might want to declutter the house, you don’t necessarily want to lose certain items forever, like out-of-season clothes and Christmas trees or decorations. Which is why we offer a personal and professional service with short term flexible contracts, storage units in a variety of sizes, 24/7 access 365 days a year. If you’re ready to undertake an autumn revival in your home, let us help you clear the clutter and get ready for the upcoming festive season, with self-storage units starting from just £5 a week.

Posted on: 12th Nov 2018