Procrastinating packing? Get motivated & stay motivated with these 7 packing tips for moving home

Posted on: Tue Apr 4

As the chilly winter season loosens its grip, the busiest time for home moves is nearing. During summer, from June to September, the UK real estate market is a hive of activity, with around 30% of homeowners moving during the toasty summer holidays. If your home move is a few months away, this is the perfect time for you and your family to plan and start the packing process. We know tackling this mammoth task can get overwhelming, leaving you feeling unmotivated to get started. But if you start now, bit by bit, things will get so much easier and dare we say, you might even enjoy packing!

It’s time to stop staring at the empty cardboard boxes in the corner of your room and get you and your family motivated to fill them up using these 7 packing tips for moving.

1. Cut the clutter for easier packing

There’s nothing more motivating than knowing you have less work to do than you initially thought. You can cut packing tasks in half even before you start by decluttering your space and getting rid of things you don’t need or want. Donate, recycle, sell, or toss these to prevent filling up your new home with things that serve no purpose. For items you value but don’t have space for, consider investing in a self storage unit that’s secure, affordable, flexible, and accessible all-year. More decluttering tips here.

2. Packing plan of action

Once you’ve decluttered, it’s time to draw up a packing plan of action detailing how you’re tackling the process. The unknown can be demotivating, especially not knowing when and where you’re starting with the task, and it can leave you procrastinating until the final hour. Remove all confusion by creating a checklist of what needs to be done from day 1 until the home removals company picks up your belongings. Share this list with your family to keep everyone in the loop. Check out the Masons Self Storage blog for more packing tips for moving. 

3. Mini tasks make for rewarding progress

Nothing kills motivation faster than feeling overwhelmed and stressed. And since packing is a massive task, it’s completely normal for these feelings to magnify. To break-free from the pessimism and amp your motivation, divide the entire packing process into mini tasks instead of perceiving it as one big arduous chore. Packing in stages makes it easier to manage and provides everyone with a rewarding sense of progress each time a task is complete. Use your packing checklist to mark a task once it’s done. You’ll soon notice that the constant flow of getting things done pushes you forward and motivates you to reach the finish line. Need more packing tips for moving? Check out the blog on our sister company’s website, Masons Removals. 

4. Start big, end small

The thought of packing up the garage, basement, or attic can quickly drain motivation. These rooms are generally used as storage and are filled with stuff accumulated over the years. It’s best to tackle the toughest rooms first to ensure they’re not at the back of your mind sapping your energy and motivation. Start with the rooms you use as storage and move towards the kitchen and the remaining rooms. 

5. Rewards for milestones

If you and your family are motivated at the beginning as tasks are ticked off but start to feel this drive drying up, bring out the big guns by implementing a rewards system when milestones are reached. It’s important to note that taking breaks after prolonged packing is not a reward but an essential part of the process to refuel. Examples of rewards are:

  • Catching a movie after packing up the kitchen.
  • Going for dinner at the family’s favourite restaurant after packing up the bedrooms.
  • Embarking on a fun outing when all the packing is complete.

6. Focus gets the job done faster

Avoid doing other tasks during the designated packing time to maintain focus and get things done faster and more efficiently. Distractions result in the entire process taking longer, slowing everyone down, and increasing the chance of feeling demotivated. The brain needs to reset each time you get back into packing from an unrelated task, leading to momentum crashing. Plus, don’t forget all those rewards drawing closer with each box packed. 

7. Fun packed 

You can make the process fun for the whole family and keep the motivation flowing by:

  • Playing your favourite music in the background and singing along.
  • Inviting friends and throwing a “packing party” with food and drinks provided.

Professional packers at your service

Finding and maintaining motivation as you pack up your old home and move into a new one is possible by following the steps above. But if you don’t have time to pack or prefer to channel your energy elsewhere as you prepare for your big move, there’s always the option of expert packing services.

By choosing the MASONS name, a proudly Welsh family-run group of businesses in the Vale of Glamorgan (South Wales), you get an all-in-one solution for your home relocation. At Masons Removals, we pack all your possessions with the highest care and transport them to your new home. Masons Self Storage gives you extra space for furniture storage, tool storage, and much more. We also sell premium packing supplies, like durable boxes, eco-friendly bubble wrap, protective covers, and more. 

Pack, load, and transport your items to your new home and self-storage unit with MASONS. Removals and storage have never been easier!

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