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Posted on: Mon Mar 13

Meet Mabel!

Now this isn’t exactly Storage news, but it is news that Charlotte and I are really excited to share with you! We have adopted a cat! Meet Mabel Mason, the latest addition to our little family.

Mabel is 10 years old and gorgeous! Her previous owner was an elderly lady who unfortunately passed away but we were happy to adopt her to ensure she doesn’t get lost in a world of animal shelters, especially with such a preference for kittens!

Up until this week she was a house cat but after spending a little while inside, we’ve decided to let her wander around the local area and we’re so proud to see how she’s taking on this new adventure! Even though she’s 10, she’s still very playful and loves to chat and let you know when she’s hungry, although come bed time when she’s all worn out from her new adventures, she’s ready to snuggle and settle down with us on the sofa.

Our favourite thing that she does is drink from the bath tap! She will jump into the bath and then call you and paw the bath tap to say ‘please turn it on I’m thirsty’ then she drinks from it, take a look at the video below!

Meet Mabel

James & Charlotte


Posted on: 13th Mar 2017