A surge in environmentally friendly packing supplies in the removals & storage sectors as UK leads the race on a greener future

Posted on: Mon Oct 17

environmentally friendly packing supplies

In  2018, the UK invested £60 million in the sustainable packing supplies industry with year-on-year increases. The goal is to become world leaders in environmentally-friendly solutions by encouraging innovators to develop packaging that reduces the impact of harmful plastics on the environment. 

In response, Brits have become more aware of their purchasing decisions and how it impacts the environment. According to market research by YouGov, 33% of local consumers are making an effort to buy fewer goods packaged in material that isn’t fully recycled. It comes at a critical time, since it’s estimated that eight million tonnes of single-use plastics are dumped into the ocean each year.

Recycling, reusability & composting

Packing supplies manufacturing is a major contributor to the UK’s GDP, amounting to around £11 billion and employing approximately 85 000 people. As the industry becomes reimagined towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly future, it’s integral to develop packaging with recycling, reusability and composting in mind.

At Masons Self Storage, we understand the impact of packing supplies in the office and home removals and storage sectors. From bubble wrap and packing tape to shrink wrap and sofa covers, these packing supplies can have dire consequences on the environment, filling up landfills and the ocean without disintegrating back into the earth.

Our first green step

To help reduce the environmental impact of the removals and storage sectors, we’re on a mission to bring eco-friendly and sustainable packaging to the Welsh market. We’re kicking off this new chapter with biodegradable, recyclable bubble wrap. According to James Mason, Masons Self Storage Marketing Manager, this leading storage company is now selling Sancell-Bio OxoBiodegradable bubble wrap, one of the most eco-friendly options on the market. James explains further:

“At Masons Self Storage, we want to make more environmentally responsible products available to the people of Wales and the wider UK. We’ve taken the first steps with our recyclable bubble wrap, which can be recycled or used as compost after use. 

“We’re dedicated to expanding our sustainable supplies for packaging and bringing greener, more innovative alternatives to the market.”

Why recyclable bubble wrap

With Sancell-Bio OxoBiodegradable bubble wrap, consumers are encouraged to choose this over the plastic varieties. It offers the same cushion protection but differs in places that truly matter. It’s made from 100% recycled materials which don’t contain heavy metals – and when exposed to outdoor elements, like sunlight and microbes, it’s digested by microorganisms and converted into carbon dioxide, water, and biomass. This means it can also be safely deposited in landfill sites as it naturally degrades over time.

Popular biodegradable supplies

Are you interested to know more about these environmentally friendly packing supplies? Here are some of the most innovative and green products available:

  • Biodegradable Packing Peanuts: These are eco-friendly alternatives to styrofoam packing peanuts. It’s typically made from starch or wheat-based renewable sources and disintegrates when run under water without causing harmful residue. 
  • Recycled Furniture Pads: These are made from a variety of reclaimed textile scraps sewn together to create soft, durable and thick furniture pads. It protects big furniture items and appliances while in transit, preventing scratches, dents and other damages.   
  • Recycled paper tape: Biodegradable tape options are fantastic alternatives to plastic paper tape as it’s more durable, recyclable, compostable, repulpable and chemical-free. It can be made from paper or innovative self-adhesive tape derived from plant starch. 

We can’t wait to launch new, innovative, environmentally-friendly supplies for those who want a guilt-free removals and storage experience. Check out our online packaging supplies store where you can purchase our 100% recyclable bubble wrap

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