Back to Back with Bethan Elfyn in Penarth View

Posted on: Mon Dec 18

We’re really excited to announce that after a successful new feature ‘Bethan Elfyn Presents’ in the Penarth View autumn edition, that Bethan’s feature with a spotlight on everything there is to do in Penarth is back in the winter edition and we’re sponsoring the segment once again.

We don’t want to give too much away, but in this edition of Penarth View, Bethan discusses her perfect Christmas and ways to get cosy and celebrate the festive season in Penarth. Bethan works as a Presenter, Producer and Project Manager for the BBC from TV to Radio, as well as getting involved in the world of media and events as a freelancer. However, we especially love Bethan’s interest in our local community and getting involved in all things Penarth!

You can also find out about a cause close to our heart here at the Masons Group and how honoured we are to be partnering with and sponsoring Woody’s Lodge. Woody’s Lodge was born after Penarth born and bred, Paul ‘Woody’ Woodland sadly lost his life in a training exercise prior to returning to a second tour in Afghanistan with the Royal Marines. Paul’s dream once he left the Royal Marines was to create a safe, secure space for him and his family, Woody’s Lodge has been created in honour of his dream. Our father (and Grandfather) Eric Mason served in the RAF, so veterans and ensuring they have a safe space is important to us.

Another charity trying to create safe spaces for our community’s vulnerable is Huggard, a Cardiff based charity dedicated to fighting homelessness. In our centre, you’ll find a donation box for Huggard where we are collecting items like: hats, gloves, scarves, toiletries, coats, tinned food, chocolate, crisps and biscuits! No donation is too small (or too large!).

The winter edition of Penarth View is out now. Make sure you grab your copy! You can also browse the Penarth View catalogue here.

Posted on: 18th Dec 2017