Come and join our very own resident author Cathy Farr (using her pen-name Carolyn Swann) for the signing of her new book – It’s all about me by Carolyn Swann

Posted on: Tue Dec 6

Cathy Farr will be at The Business Centre (Cardiff) Ltd, just next door to the Masons Self Storage Centre, to sign copies of her new book It’s all about me, between 12-3pm on Tuesday 13th December. Why not come along, meet Cathy and see some of the wonderful books that she has written. There will be an opportunity to enjoy a mince pie and other Christmas goodies at MELS too.

The book, It’s all about Me! tells of marketing exec, Madeleine Edwards, who sets her sights on the becoming the next wife to the newly divorced and very wealthy Haden Elliot. There is adult content (but NOT Fifty Shades!!) which is why I’ve written this one under the pen-name of Carolyn Swann.  Madeleine is the girl you will love to hate and you’ll laugh out loud at her outrageous antics (look out for the hen-weekend finale!).  It’s a great wet weekend/winter read when you can hunker down with tea and chocolate and indulge in someone else’s bad behaviour. Or you could buy it for your best friend – she’ll love it!

If you’d like a signed copy, Cathy is at The Business Centre (Cardiff) Ltd on the 13th December between 12-2pm; if not, you can get copies through Cathy’s website, or you can get the  local bookshop, Griffin Books in Penarth, to order a copy for you.  It’s also on ebook, again on Cathy’s website (don’t worry about the $, its charged out in pounds).

Cathy Farr is a Masons Self Storage Customer read more here

Posted on: 06th Dec 2016