Two homes become one: The art of moving into your first home as newlyweds

Posted on: Mon Feb 28

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If you’re getting married soon, first things first, a big congratulations to you both and wishing you all the best! These are exciting times filled with unforgettable memories and crazy adventures. 

If you’ve lived together before marriage, you probably mastered the art of combining two households into one. If not, you’re in for a new experience that could be challenging or fulfilling, depending on how you approach it. So if you need help merging your items with your partner’s into your first home together, we’ve put together a simple guide to make the process as smooth as possible!

Harmony at home

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The last thing any newlywed couple wants is a new home filled with items they rarely utilise, and that’s doomed to be collecting dust for years to come. This creates clutter and can lead to a chaotic living space and even strain your relationship. To begin your journey together in a home that’s organised, peaceful and balanced – it’s best to go through your belongings and decide which items you use, which items you love, and which items you don’t need. 

To make this process as effective as possible, look at each item individually instead of a whole unit or collection. This will give you a better idea of what you actually need versus what’s taking up space. For example, by bringing an entire book collection to your new home, you may be filling up space with dozens of books you don’t plan on reading. Although this stage can be challenging, and you both may have to let go of things you’re attached to, remember the end goal is to save space for items that are worth it, so you have a harmonious home. 

Keep the best duplicate 

By combining two homes into one, you’re often left with duplicate items – this is especially true for essential household appliances, equipment and furniture. Not many people need doubles of kettles, vacuums, pot sets, and lounge suites. It’s best to identify the duplicates before you move to save time, energy and money. The easiest way to approach this is to keep the newest and nicest of each pair and donate, sell or recycle the extras. 

Communication, compromise and a common goal

While you’re shortlisting your belongings, communicate with your partner and let them know how you envision the space to be, so you both keep useful things and complement the look and feel of your home. During the process, you may feel personally attacked if your partner rejects an item that you value or vice versa. To prevent an argument, talk to each other and let your partner know the item’s invaluable history so they can understand why it means so much to you. At the same time, offer your partner the same understanding and don’t forget that you’re creating a space that you both will love for a happy future together. It’s all about communication, compromise and working towards a common goal.

Create something special

Once you’ve both decided which belongings are coming with you, it’s time for the final step –  moving it into the new home and then organising it. This can be fun in a new marriage as it’s an opportunity to merge your personal styles and create something special for you both. A great way to add you and your partner’s unique touch without the clutter is to bring around three to five items that give you comfort or a sense of home. It can be anything from your favourite throw to your partner’s favourite pot plant. 

Start your union with a storage unit

For belongings that you’re leaving behind, you can either sell them to make extra money, donate it to those in need, or recycle it if it’s not in good working condition. However, we understand that there will be items that you can’t part ways with because it‘s too valuable to you or will be used sometime in the future. Instead of cluttering your home with these things, you can hire a storage unit where your belongings will be safe, secure and protected from the elements.

Moving into a new home after tying the knot is one of the first tests of married life. It requires both partners to work together and create a home that’s organised and combines both personalities. For an effortless relocation, a moving company such as Masons Moving Group will make the journey to your new home stress-free as they will pack, transport and unpack all your belongings with the utmost care!

For everything that currently has no place in your home but still has a place in your life, there’s Masons Self-Storage. We offer affordable, high-quality self-storage units across the Vale of Glamorgan and to the West of Cardiff. It’s a perfect resource as you embark on this new and exciting chapter as a newly married couple! To find out more, email our team at: [email protected] or give us a call on 0800 533 5708.