How to declutter your home in the New Year

Posted on: Wed Jan 10

how to declutter your home

At the start of the new year, it’s completely normal for your home to feel cluttered or untidy, especially if the festive season was filled with family get-togethers and receiving gifts that you still need to designate to a special spot. To declutter your home for the year ahead, let’s unpack the top 5 options that prevent you from drowning in clutter. 

Store it

The best place to start is to store away items that you don’t need at the moment – but you will have use for some time in the future. These generally include:

  • Seasonal items such as holiday décor and sporting gear
  • Items that take up too much space in your home but is used now and then, such as luggage
  • Items that need a place to stay while you’re moving to a new home
  • Extra furniture that you’d like to keep for your children when they move into their own home

Storing away your belongings can be a tricky process because it is easy to end up hoarding things you’re attached to but serve no purpose. To avoid this, be honest with yourself and only keep the items that hold sentimental value and that you see yourself or your family members making us off. 

Sell it 

Imagine receiving extra cash from items lying around the house, taking up space? With plenty of ways to sell your used goods online, you can make up for all the splurging during December and declutter your home at the same time!

If you’re considering selling items that you no longer find useful, make sure they are in good condition with no missing parts. Older model appliances, gaming consoles and smartphones are big-ticket sale items if you’ve purchased newer models. For those downsizing from a house to an apartment, you don’t want to clutter your smaller space with big bulky furniture or too many dishes and clothing. Instead, sell these quickly by posting them on apps, such as eBay, Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace. 

Donating your unwanted goods, such as furniture, jewellery, books, clothes, toys, and so much more, is a great way to give back, especially if you don’t need the extra money from reselling these. Any item you donate needs to be in good condition, work as intended and not damaged, tattered or stained. Charities will either use these items or resell them to generate funds. 

Charities such as the British Heart Foundation, British Red Cross, AgeUk and WaterAid are worthy places to support, but before donating, make sure to find out the type of items they accept. 

Recycle it

If your items are too damaged to resell or help those in need, consider giving back to the environment by recycling. If you’re unsure about which items are allowed to be recycled, visit Nidirect Government Services for a full list or take a look at your town’s website for more clarity. 

Bin it 

Finally, if certain items are in bad condition and beyond repair, and if you can’t recycle them, the only option left is the bin. Of course, this should be your last resort, considering anything thrown away will end up in a landfill. 

When you’re deciding what you want to store or get rid of, you can make the process easier by thinking about where you will be in the future. Are you downsizing, growing your family, or wanting to simply declutter your home? These questions will help you decide which items you no longer need. Although it may be hard to let go of something you bought or were gifted, knowing there are options besides tossing it can make it so much easier to do. It’s also comforting to know that once you’re done sorting your items, you will enjoy a neater, tidier, and decluttered home without the extra stuff taking up space!

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