How to prepare appliances for self storage: 8 easy steps to keep your kitchen appliances  safe & functional in self storage

Posted on: Thu Jul 6

How to prepare appliances for self storage

Whether you’re moving, renovating, or simply in need of long or short-term storage to create more space in your home, it is crucial to know how to prepare appliances for self storage. In this article, we will provide you with 8 valuable tips to ensure the safety and preservation of your appliances while they are stored away, regardless of the duration..

  1. Cleaning comes first

It takes some elbow grease for a successful appliance storage experience. Bring out your gloves, scrubs, and strongest detergent, and get cleaning before you store away your appliances. Thoroughly clean them, both inside and out, from top to bottom. Remember to clean the filters, tubes, pipes, or intake areas as well. Wipe away any food pieces, stains, liquid substances, or dust particles, as even the smallest amount of grime or dirt can cause damage.

After cleaning, ensure that your appliances are completely dry before storing them away. Appliances such as fridges, dishwashers, microwaves, and ovens require extra attention as they come into contact with food the most. If any particles remain, they can cause unpleasant odours and attract pests.

  1. Don’t forget to drain 

The next step when preparing your appliances for self storage is to focus on kitchen appliances with filters, tubes, pipes, or intake areas as they require additional cleaning. Before heading into storage, they need to be completely drained to prevent freezing and mould growth. Also, pay attention to areas that retain moisture, such as the defrost pan in fridges and the door seal around dishwashers and front loader washing machines.

Tip: To meticulously clean your washing machine and dishwasher pipes, run them through a full cycle while empty, using a cup of bleach and white vinegar.

  1. Tape before transporting 

Now that your appliances are squeaky clean and bone dry, they’re almost ready to be transported to your storage unit. But first, you need to seal the doors of each appliance with packing tape, so they’re tightly secured and won’t swing open while in transit. You can even keep them sealed while in storage for an added layer of protection. 

Tip: Make sure to buy packing tape specifically as this won’t affect the finishing of your appliances or leave a sticky residue. 

  1. It’s wrong if it isn’t upright

While on the move and in storage, it’s essential to store your kitchen appliances in an upright position to avoid potential internal damage. During storage, we recommend packing them at the back of the unit for additional protection and to save space. 

Tip: For even more protection, you can keep your appliances off the ground by loading them ontp pellets. 

  1. Dust sheets & bubble wrap protect against dents & dirt

It’s easy for your kitchen appliances to get dented, scratched, chipped, or damaged by dust and dirt in self-storage if they’re not covered with a dust sheet or bubble wrap. What’s more, having a protective barrier comes in handy when loading your appliances onto a trolley, as the trolley’s metal surface could cause scratches.  

  1. A climate-controlled storage unit keeps things cool

Kitchen appliances are highly vulnerable to extreme temperature fluctuations, which can have adverse effects on their electronic or mechanical components. That’s why it’s crucial to select a self-storage facility that offers climate-controlled units. By maintaining a cool, dry, and constant temperature, this not only safeguards your appliances against high humidity or icy, wet conditions, but also helps keep them free from mould and pests.

  1. Avoid heavy stacking

While in storage, avoid stacking heavy items on top of your appliances, as this can lead to structural damage. If you need to stack items, place lighter ones on top and distribute the weight evenly. By doing so, you minimise the pressure on delicate parts.

  1. Regular checkups & maintenance

It’s a good idea to check on your appliances periodically during their stay in storage. Look for any signs of damage, pests, or moisture. If needed, wipe down surfaces and perform basic maintenance tasks to keep your appliances in tip-top shape.

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