Is there really such thing as Divorce Day?

Posted on: Wed Jan 24

Did you know that every year, online searches for ‘divorce’ spike in January, with roughly 25% more searches taking place than any other time of the year? Divorce support service, Amicable, estimate that this January, more than 40,500 Google searches for divorce will take place. In fact, over the past decade, the first working Monday of the new year has been dubbed ‘Divorce Day’ – this year supposedly falling on 8th January – in which more couples will file for divorce than any other day of the year.

‘Divorce Day’ is often the first opportunity that people have to reflect on their relationships following the festive period and the first chance that they have some time alone in which to think about any issues that may have piled up over the Christmas period.

There are a number of reasons why divorce searches spike in January, although it may seem that Christmas is a catalyst, the decision to separate isn’t to be taken lightly and hardly any couples make the rash decision to separate after a tense festive period. However, the festive period forces couples that are having problems into spending longer periods of time in one another’s company, highlighting or exacerbating any issues that may already be there.

January’s ‘new year, new you’ messages with the combination of gloomy winter weather and the Christmas-come-down leaves unhappy couples considering their future in a jolt back to reality.

If you’re considering a divorce this January, you’re not alone if you feel that your relationship is in crisis, Relationship support service, Relate estimates that as many as 1 in 5 relationships in the UK are on the verge of breakdown, causing significant upset to couples.

If you’re not yet sure it’s over, take some time to dedicate to yourself to consider whether or not separation really is the right route for you. Focus on New Year’s resolutions and any goals that you’re aiming for in 2018, think about the steps that you need to take to make them a reality. Take into consideration any children in the family and make sure that there is support and communication open for all family members to ensure that they can access support when they need it.

If it is the end of the road, divorce can be a painful process and can take up to six months to properly figure out and finalise, so ensure that you and your family have set up communication channels that aren’t more emotionally draining than necessary. Remember that the journey ahead is a marathon, not a sprint, so ensure you’re emotionally prepared for the journey ahead to be able to achieve an amicable split. Amicable have a number of resources on their website which can help you to decide the route you want to take, how to sensitively tell your partner and how to support any children.

If you are one of the UK’s thousands who have found yourself re-evaluating your relationship this January, we understand that wherever you are in the painful journey, that all of the little things add up to relieve just a little of the pressure. At Masons Self Storage, we have helped many of our clients through this complicated period, with sensitivity and empathy. Whether you’re trialing a separation or beginning the process of separating your belongings and need a space to store in which you can access whenever is convenient for you, our flexible contracts and friendly team are here to make the process simple for you.

Posted on: 24th Jan 2018