Masons Self Storage’s Top Tips for Decluttering in Lockdown

Posted on: Tue Apr 21

As many of you will know, we love a declutter here at Masons Self Storage! Whether you’re searching for your joy in true Marie Kondo style or the lockdown has revealed that you desperately need more space at home, we’re here to help!

Recently, we spoke to our friends at Penarth View about the joys of decluttering and we offered them our top tips for clearing the clutter from years of listening to our customers! You can read the article and find our top tips for decluttering FAST from their latest edition here.

If you’re desperate to clear some room at home, here at Masons Self Storage, we can help!

Top Tips for Decluttering in Lockdown


Snowed under with paperwork? Simply Shredding can help

If you have lots of unneeded but confidential paperwork taking up space at home, did you know that our sister company, Simply Shredding Cardiff, are able to send you shredding bags in the post for you to fill now? Then once this is all over, they can collect the bags as normal. They have already been busy posting out lots of bags!

Donate to charity, later

If you’re having a clear out, remember that charity shops are not open at the moment, so why not place any items for charity in a clearly marked bag or box and pop them in storage for the time being so they’re out of the way?

Selling online

Online marketplaces like eBay are still up and running and there’s lots of ways to send things in the post without going to the post office. Royal Mail have a click and drop service where you can pay for your postage online and print off a postage slip before dropping it in the post box. Alternatively, lots of courier services offer a door-to-door delivery service, where they’ll collect it from your door before delivering it, all whilst following social distancing regulations.

It’s a family affair

Get the family involved, as we’re all home together, why not get everyone involved! Why not have a fashion show with the kids to see what still fits and what could go to a new home? If you’re struggling to think of ways to keep the kids entertained at home, take a look at this list our Marketing Manager, James and his partner, Lucy, have put together.

Up your Kerb Appeal?

As lots of us suddenly have much more free time at home, why not tackle some of the smaller DIY or home decorating projects that you’ve had on your list for a little while? Or if you have a garden, give it a little boost of love? However, ensure that you already have the tools and equipment that you need to complete the project and don’t put yourself in any unnecessary danger, any trips to A&E puts extra strain on the NHS, so maybe put down the power tools for now…

Masons can help

Here at Masons Self Storage, we are strictly following the government’s guidelines for social distancing and increased cleaning of communal areas, so if you would like to access your storage unit, we are open for you to visit.

If you would like to create some much needed space at home, why not give our friendly team a call on 0800 533 5708?

Posted on: 21st Apr 2020