A new baby on the way? Here’s your guide on how to prep your house – & don’t forget to create more space with self storage!

Posted on: Thu Sep 15

Self Storage for growing families

A big congratulations if you’re welcoming a new member to your family. We know you’re probably busy buying baby clothes, attending birthing classes and getting your emotions and finances in order for the special day. With so much to do, you may be delaying getting your house ready before the little one arrives. 

However, there’s no better time to prepare your home than now because after they’re born, you will have very little spare time. But don’t stress – we got you sorted with a handy to-do guide to help you transform your home into a welcoming, safe environment that caters to your baby’s every need while also making it a liveable space for you and your partner.

Organise your home with a storage space

There’s no better feeling than welcoming the new addition into your home. Take pride in the moment by decluttering beforehand, so you have a home that’s organised, neat and has enough space for your baby’s supplies. For decluttering tips, check out our blog on how to declutter effectively. Creating a zen space also helps with mental health, ensuring you’re relaxed especially if you’re a new parent. Breathe, you got this!

Stock up on supplies

Your days are going to be filled with taking care of your baby, from feeding, bathing, clothing and spending treasured moments together. You can lighten the load by stocking up on baby supplies now, so you have essentials for the first few weeks when the baby arrives. 

Stock up on: 

  • Bottles, feeding kits and pacifiers
  • Milk storage containers
  • Nursing pillows and breast pumps
  • Diapers and babywear
  • Washing and cleaning kits
  • Toys like rattles, soft dolls, and squeeze toys 

For a full baby supplies checklist, Pampers has the ultimate list of all the essentials you need.

A baby proof home 

Babies grow quickly and before you know it, they become bouncing toddlers wandering around the house with the possibility of finding themselves in dangerous situations. That’s why it’s wise to baby proof your home before they reach this curious stage. It’s a meticulous process that takes time, so it’s best to get a head start. Baby proof your home by: 

  • Covering sharp edges on tables and furniture with styrofoam or bubble wrap
  • Placing child-safe covers on electrical outlets
  • Installing safety gates to restrict access to certain areas like stairs or the kitchen
  • Locking up cabinets that hold glassware and small objects
  • Carpeting the floors or covering tile with a soft, non-slip rug 
  • Removing heavy hanging objects from the wall, especially in play areas

An extra pair of eyes and ears

Setting up a monitoring system with CCTV cameras can be expensive, but it’s definitely worth it since it acts as an extra pair of eyes. It’s built with technology that alerts you when your growing baby approaches danger zones or when they wander out of the crib. For newborn babies, there’s a more affordable, standard alarm system you can install for now that alerts you when your little one starts crying. 

A nursery for baby, mum and dad 

The nursery is where you, your partner and your little one will spend most of the time, so make sure it’s set up for everyone’s comfort in mind. Since babies need constant attention, it should be located nearby your bedroom, preferably next door for easy access. 

The ideal nursery is spacious, well-ventilated with air conditioning or windows for fresh air, and well organised, clean and tidy. You can create more space with storage solutions like baskets and containers to store baby items. And don’t forget to install a bin to dispose of waste (nappies, napkins etc.)

Self storage for growing families

If this is your first baby, you’ll soon realise that the littlest one in your home takes up the most space. That’s why most new parents quickly invest in self storage units to safely store all their belongings that are needed and valued but simply can’t be kept at home. In particular, self storage are incredibly helpful during the decluttering phase as it allows you to transfer big furniture items and appliances without hassle – straight from your home into your unit. 

At Masons Self Storage, we make the self storage experience even easier for busy parents with our new Mobile Storage Services. We come directly to your door to pick up your belongings, so you don’t have to worry about hiring a van. There are 3 mobile options for you to choose from for your convenience, including Storage Vaults, Trailer Pick-Up and Mobile Move & Store.

Are you on the search for self storage? If so, you’ve found the best. We are your trusted and reliable self storage partner across the Vale of Glamorgan and to the west of Cardiff. 

To get your home ready for your adorable little one, email our team at: [email protected] or give us a call on 0800 533 5708.