Stories from the Store 1

Posted on: Fri Feb 17

Hello and Welcome to Stories from the Store!

I’m James, the Marketing Manager for Masons Self Storage! Together, Charlotte, and I will share our stories from our adventures around the Vale of Glamorgan.

We both grew up, went to school and now live in Barry and we absolutely love living in the Vale and benefitting from all of the wonderful places to eat and things to do there is. We feel like more people should hear about the wonderful things that the Vale of Glamorgan has to offer, which is why we’ve come up with Stories from the Store to share with you our adventures from around the Vale.

We are total foodies, we love trying out the weird and wonderful as well as the new restaurants that are opening up all the time.

We also love to travel and are looking forward to the sensual journey that we will go on in Marrakech soon, from the bustling souks to the tantalising herbs and spices in the food, we’re keen to share our exciting experiences with you!

Watch this space!

James & Charlotte

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Posted on: 17th Feb 2017