Working from Home: 5 top tips for staying organised

Posted on: Mon Nov 30

Many of our long-term readers will know that here at Masons Self Storage, we love a bit of a declutter and an organised space! We’re not claiming to be the next Marie Kondo or Mrs Hinch, but we definitely feel the joy that comes from a clean, organised space. 


Obviously 2020 has turned all of our worlds upside and we’ve been living in ‘unprecedented times’ since March, working from home, limiting our time out of the house and socially distancing. Now, we’re not sure about you, but our workspaces at home can really quickly get overloaded and become cluttered. So, we asked around our team and put together these 5 top tips for keeping your workspace at home organised and clutter-free allowing you to be productive! 


A clean slate (or surface!)

When was the last time you actually saw the top of your desk? If you can’t remember, then it’s time to start fresh. It’s time to go full Marie Kondo on your desk, take off everything and leave just your computer or laptop on your desk. Then, sort through the clutter without putting anything back, creating three piles: scan, save and shred. It can be overwhelming to try and tackle a mountain of paper and the stuff that just ends up on our desks whilst it’s all in place, by taking everything off, you’re giving you and your desk a fresh start. 


If you’re worried about confidential documents, did you know our sister company, Simply Shredding, offers a confidential shredding service? Whether you’re looking to shred an archive box or numerous sacks on a monthly or ad-hoc basis, they are here to help! 


Less is more

It’s tempting to use our desk as another space or surface to decorate (or dump things!), plopping down piles of magazines, photos and plants. However, to keep the clutter manageable and to ensure your workspace is a productive space, make sure the only things on your desk are what you actually need for when you’re working or studying. 


The only way is up

Obviously, storage is important in any every office, but no matter how clear and tidy you keep your desk, there’s always going to be some paperwork and stationery around to keep your workspace functional. Instead of thinking horizontally, try looking up! By taking advantage of your walls and the space around you, you can maximise usually dead space and make it functional for you! 


First impressions count

Whether you’re on zoom to a potential client, your manager or hosting a virtual conference, make sure your background looks as tidy and professional as possible. A clear, plain-ish wall works best, but obviously, not everyone has the capacity for that much workspace at home, so tidy works! 


Are you making the right first impression? Obviously, most of us are now working from home and will be for the foreseeable future, however, have you thought about how much a virtual office could benefit your business? A virtual office allows you to make the perfect first impression with a prestigious business address and you can have a professional receptionist answering and directing your calls too. The Business Centre (Cardiff) Ltd, offers virtual offices for businesses looking to make a great first impression whilst they’re free to take their business on the go. 



A dedicated workspace can be so helpful for switching into ‘work’ mode, allowing you to focus and be productive. However, your desk might not always have a dedicated room and you might actually be working from the kitchen table, the space under the stairs or even in an alcove in the living room! Whilst this is a creative use of your space, it can be hard for your ‘co-workers’ to see you in work mode when you’re at home. So, as well as organising your actual work space, make sure your time in that space is also organised so your co-workers, with two and four legs, know when you’re in work mode too. 


If you’ve had a re-jig at home in order to make space for a home work space but you’re tripping over boxes, why not place some items in storage? Here at Masons Self Storage, we offer flexible storage from just £5 a week, with 24/7 access, 365 days a year! Plus, did you know that the entire ground floor of our state-of-the-art self-storage facility is entirely dedicated to our business customers? With wider corridors and a special space to work, rest and store all in one place here in the Vale. If you’d like to know more, why not drop our friendly team an email on: [email protected] or give us a call on 0800 533 5708.


What are your top tips for keeping your workspace tidy and organised? Let us know on Facebook! 

Posted on: 30th Nov 2020